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1. wide speed ratio range  

2. small volume, low weight, occupying small space for mounting  

3. high efficiency, high mechanical strength and high quality aluminum alloy housing  

4. long life service, large output torque, low noise and little vibration  

5. low temperature rise, omnibearing installation, easy to connect with other machinery 

6. high carry ability, elegant appearance  

7. CE standard, input power can be 0.18KW-15KW  

8. stable transmission

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 Advantages of worm gear:                                 

1, the mechanical structure compact, the volume shape is light, the small efficiency;
  2.Good heat exchange performance and fast heat dissipation.
  3. Easy to install, flexible and light, superior performance, easy to maintain and repair;
  4. Smooth running, low noise, durable;
  5. High reliability and high reliability;           

WP model 40~250 reducer model is made of cast iron cast in aluminum mould. The shape is beautiful and strong, and can be used through multi-directional Settings.
WP series reducer, worm is made of 45 # high quality steel by heat treatment, and worm wheel is cast with tin bronze. It has good wear resistance, especially in bearing capacity. It is mainly suitable for deceleration transmission of various mechanical equipment such as plastics, metallurgy, beverage, mine, lifting and transportation, chemical construction and so on.

The light weight modular aluminum housing design allows for easy machine integration, and excellent heat dissipation. A wide variety of input flanges and couplings are available to allow easy mounting of nearly any servo-motor and custom flanges can be accommodated. Output configurations with pinion, hollow bore, or solid shaft are available and can be configured for input with motor flange, free input shaft, or both free input shaft and motor flange.

The NMRV reducer is a new type of reducer, or RV reducer.”NMRV” refers to the aluminum shell reducer, which is used to refer to the aluminum shell reducer as the “NMRV reducer”.The main components are oil seal, oil plug, worm gear box, ball bearing, the output shaft, worm gear, worm, mechanical shaft, motor connection plate (flange), the output shaft cover screw, hex socket steamed corn-bread, double round keys, gaskets, etc.NMRV series reducer – BHADE reducer with single flange input, some flanged output or double shaft output.


Main Features

1. The shape of square box, high quality aluminum alloy pressure casting box body, beautiful and generous.

2.NMRV alloy reducer (NRV dual speed reducer) has excellent heat dissipation performance and high carrying capacity.

3. Multi-face installation, hollow output shaft structure, with various input, output mode, and easy to combine with other machines, adaptable.

4.NMRV alloy reducer (NMRV dual speed reducer) transmission is stable, quiet and noiseless, safe and reliable and efficient.

24V DC Worm Gear Motor Reducer Motor for Hydraulic Lift

Overview Quick Details Place of Origin: Zhejiang, China Brand Name: EPT Model Number: D76R72-24V120W-65RPM Usage: Home Appliance, industry, Industrial Certification: CE, ROHS Type: Gear Motor Torque: 5-35Nm Construction: Permanent Magnet Commutation: Brush Protect...

China high quality Xhigh Quality Nmrv 50: 1 Gearbox for Europe Market best automatic gearbox

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China Factory Price Helical Worm Gear Reducer Gearbox S Type Flange Mounted with Aq Connector worm gearbox design

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DN600 PN1016 Worm Gear Ductile Iron Rubber Lined Concerntrice Flange Butterfly Valve For Water China

Overview Quick Details Place of Origin: Zhejiang, China Brand Name: EPT Model Number: D34B1X-10 Application: General, general Material: Casting Temperature of Media: Medium Temperature Pressure: Medium Pressure Power: Hydraulic Media: Water Port Size: DN50-1800...

Organic Fruity Bears Non GMO Project Verified Hemp Gummies

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WPA 80 1:10,15,20,25,30 ,40,50,60 worm gearbox reduction gearbox gear speed reducer

Overview Quick Details Applicable Industries: Energy & Mining Gearing Arrangement: Worm speed reducer Output Torque: 19-2745N.M Input Speed: 1400RPM Output Speed: 14-186RPM Place of Origin: Zhejiang, China Brand Name: EPT Product name: Speed Reducer Ratio:...

Powered by long-lasting worm gears NMRV 025-150 worm gearbox

Overview Quick Details Applicable Industries: Building Material Shops, Manufacturing Plant, Machinery Repair Shops, Food & Beverage Factory, Farms, Retail, Construction works, Energy & Mining Place of Origin: Zhejiang, China Brand Name: EPT Output Torque:...

Worm Gearbox for Variable Geometry Turbochargers

Worm Gearbox for Variable Geometry Turbochargers A worm gearbox is an essential component in the operation of variable geometry turbochargers. This simple yet robust piece of equipment is designed to provide precise control and smooth operation while ensuring...

Worm Gearbox for Bionic Prosthetic Limb Actuators

Worm Gearbox for Bionic Prosthetic Limb Actuators Our Worm Gearbox is a reliable and efficient solution for Bionic Prosthetic Limb Actuators. It's known for its durability, precision, and high torque output, making it an ideal choice for the demanding requirements of...